Artist: Tracy Lawrence | Song: Is That A Tear

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Tracy Lawrence, Is That A Tear Tabs

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Country Tabs > Lawrence Tracy Tabs > Is That A Tear

Artist/Band: Lawrence Tracy Tabs
Song: Is That A Tear Tab

     Is That A Tear
     Recorded by Tracy Lawrence
     Written by John Jarrard and Kenny Beard
     Transcribed by Keith Reding


C  |   C  | F  | F  |

C  |   C  | F  | F  |

Verse 1

C          C| E bass          F            C
Last thing I expected, was to get her call tonight
C         F                C
Cause the last thing that I heard from her,
is she found Mr. Right
F                        G
But when I got home this evening
G        C         F
there it was on my machine
Dm                   G                C
and I just wonder --- what the hell it means

Said she sorry that she missed me
and she's been doing fine
F                       G
I run it back and heard her say those
Am                           Am G F
words a hundred times
F                       G
but something makes me wonder
Am                    D
is she happy with her choice
D     F              G             C
or is that a tear I hear--- in her voice

Repeat Intro:

Verse II

First time that I listened

I thought boy she's got some nerve

but the second time I heard it

I heard more than just her words

am I just wishful thinking

or did her voice really crack

I'll never know if I don't call her back

Repeat Chorus


Keith Reding

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