Artist: Tracy Lawrence | Song: I Threw The Rest Away

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Tracy Lawrence, I Threw The Rest Away Tabs

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Country Tabs > Lawrence Tracy Tabs > I Threw The Rest Away

Artist/Band: Lawrence Tracy Tabs
Song: I Threw The Rest Away Tab

song: I threw the rest a way
by: tracy lawerence
album: LIVE
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Intro: F

(F)I met him in a dive down in New Orleans, 

I recognized his handsome face,

It was none of my business but I had to know,

What he was doing in this kind of place,

(Bb)Cause he use to have money use to have honeys,

He used to be society's prince,

(F)But he still wore a grin when I sat beside him,

(C)And ask where all that money(F)went,


(Bb)He said (C)some was spent on gambling, 

a lot was spent women, (F)a little on some good Cabernet,

(Bb)(C)Three or four devorces, at least as many horses,

that(F) never left the startin' gates,

Di(Am)amond rings and furs, (Dm)swamp land in New Jersey,

That(C) week I spent a year in L.(Bb)A.,I hate to admit,   (C)

I threw the rest a(F)way.

(F)He said money don't mean nothing is this game of life,

It's just a way of keeping score 

Show me a man who's got everything 

I'll show you one who wants even more

(Bb)Well, so smoke em' if you gottem'

cause when you hit bottom, you gotta have a reason to smile,

(F)You can have a little piece of the rock,

(C)I'll take a little piece of mind,


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