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Tracy Lawrence, I Got A Feelin Tabs

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Country Tabs > Lawrence Tracy Tabs > I Got A Feelin

Artist/Band: Lawrence Tracy Tabs
Song: I Got A Feelin Tab

From Adam Bell
Song: I got a feelin' sung by Tracy Larwrence
Album: I see it now (Atlantic)
Transcribed by Adam Bell

[G]I'm out here stranded on this [C]Oklahoma [G]Road
[G]nothing but a broken truck,
heat and dust and a [C]million high line [G]poles
If only [Am]I could tap the [Em]line, I'd be just [C]fine
If I could [Am]talk to her right [D]now

[G]Cause there's a voice inside of me
That's [C]saying something's [G]wrong
Cause I've tried a hundred times
and a hundred dimes to [C]reach her on the [G]phone
and like the [Am]sun my hearts [Em]sinkin
cause I'm [C]thinkin it don't [Am]matter any[D]how

I got a [Am]feelin' she ain't [Em]feelin' what I'm
[C]feelin any[G]more
I got a [Am]sneakin [Em]suspicion love is
[C]walkin out the [D]door
Now I'm [Am]dealin with a [Em]heartache like I've
[C]never felt be[Em]fore
I got a [Am]feelin' she ain't [Em]feelin' what I'm
[C]feelin [D]any[G]more

I like this ramblin life but what a price to pay
To think I'd let a dollar sign and a diesle whine drive her love away
I've got a real premonition
She ain't missin me as much as I miss her

(Repeat Chorus)
I got a feelin' she ain't feelin' what I'm feelin' anymore

Hey, I'm a sophomore at North Carolina State University majoring in
Agriculture Animal Science/Industry and enjoy country ENTIRELY too much.  
Make   me feel special . . . . email me any comments please!

email: ajbell2@unity.ncsu

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