Artist: Tracy Lawrence | Song: Al Wrapped Up For Christmas

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Tracy Lawrence, Al Wrapped Up For Christmas Tabs

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Artist/Band: Lawrence Tracy Tabs
Song: Al Wrapped Up For Christmas Tab

CAPO 2 (or to fit voice)

A                              D
Her mother called and wondered where we were
A                          D
And why we didn’t call her after church
F#                        Bm
I told her that we had to hurry home
E                                      A         D D#  E
Cause this time of year there’s always something going on

We gotta deck the halls
We gotta find that box of broken balls
     E                             A
That angel and that tub of tangled lights
Patch up the tree then fuss about where it oughta be
           D                   E                 A
I hate she missed us but we’re all wrapped up in Christmas

A                         D
Ain’t got time to watch a football game
A                           D
We gotta listen to Bing and Elvis sing
F#                         Bm
It won’t be long til Santa makes his run
E                     A       D D#   E
I better hurry up and get everything done

I gotta sign those cards 
I gotta get that reindeer in the yard
     E                                       A
Hang off the roof and change them burned out bulbs
Gotta spend it all between Wal-Mart and the mall
             D                   E                 A
It could get vicious cause we’re all wrapped up in Christmas

Happy holidays
May joy and peace come your way
Our best wishes
           E                 A
Now go get all wrapped up in Christmas

[Thanks to Barry Thomas for tabs]

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