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Artist/Band: Lake Fork Verne Tabs
Song: Gettin In The Coal Tab

Getting In the Coal
Copyrighted  by:  Verne Garrison-03-10-08
Valley Park, Mo.

Dad (D) and I would (A) bounce down the (D) road
In a truck we had borrowed from the neighbors (A) again
On (D) an early Sept-(G) ember (D) morn
To get a load of coal (A) before winter set (D) in

The truck would (A) shudder and (D) bounce
As they funneled in the coal at the (A) mine
Small (D) chunks of  nut (G) coal it was (D)called
A (D) lot of shoveling to do (A) once it was (D) hauled

Dad would back the truck up to (A) basement (D) window
I pushed the heavy coal chute (A) in
We (D) shoveled coal (G) together all morning (D) long
Sliding the coal into (A) the bin (D) below

Shiny (G) blue-black (A) lumps of (D) coal
Would burn in the furnace this (A) winter
But (D) right now, to get (G) done was the (D) goal
And take the truck (A) back to the (D) neighbor

It (D) was a drag to (G) me in my (D) youth
To have to do the chores and work that (A) way
But (D) now late in life, I (G) know the (D) truth
And I wish I could shovel (A) coal again with Dad (D) today


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