Artist: Chris Knight | Song: Low Down Ramblin' Blues

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Chris Knight, Low Down Ramblin' Blues Tabs

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Country Tabs > Knight Chris Tabs > Low Down Ramblin' Blues

Artist/Band: Knight Chris Tabs
Song: Low Down Ramblin' Blues Tab

[A]--[G]--[D]--[A]- x2

[A]             [D]    [G]
Livin' on the road
Livin' into miles
[A]          [D]    [G]
Weather gets cold
You head down south

[A]       [D]     [G]
Head down south
You work a month or so
[A]              [D]     [G]
Stay drunk for a while
'til the money runs low


[A]                [D]
Laid down with the dogs
[G]              [A]
You woke up with fleas
[A]                [D]       [G]
Your mama tried to tell you
You didn't pay no heat

[A]               [D]
You didn't pay no heat
        [G]              [A] 
You can do it all back then
[A]                      [D]
You would never gonna get old
          [G]             [A]
You would never gonna give in 


[A]                   [G]              [D]
You ain't never gonna walk that line
Don't care if the sun don't shine
Don't care if you ain't got a dime
      [D]                 [A]  
Gonna do what you wanna do

[A]           [G]           [D]
Move on to another town
Burn all those bridges down
    [A]            [G]     
The only thing you keep around
       [D]                 [A]
Is the low down ramblin' blues

Repeat INTRO

          [A]               [D]    [G]
You don't stay around too long
You won't get stuck
[A]               [D]   [G]         
She was good to you
It wasn't good enough

[A]                [D]     [G]
She wasn't good enough
You threw her away
[A]                    [D]  
You took up with the road
               [G]       [A]
That's all you wanted anyway 


[A]                   [D] 
You want to party all night
     [G]          [A]
Want party til you die
[A]                  [D]       [G]
But you party til you wake up
Break down and cry

[A]           [D]   [G] 
You break and cry
That's what do
[A]               [D]      
'Cause your sorry life
   [G]             [A]
Is catchin up with you



[A]         [G] [D]                 [A]
low down,   low down ramblin' blues
[A]         [G] [D]                 [A]
low down.   low down ramblin' blues


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