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Lee Kernaghan, Texas Qld4385 Tabs

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Artist/Band: Kernaghan Lee Tabs
Song: Texas Qld4385 Tab

Texas QLD4385
By Lee Kernaghan

Well, people say it's a one horse town
        A                                    D
There's nothing much to do when the sun goes down
At the set of daylight at the Royal Hotel
You get a beer get a feed get a fight as well
You ever need to find me write me a letter
Drop it in the mailbox and tell them to deliver it to

A       D    A
Texas QLD 4385
And it's home sweet home
E                 D     E
Out on the border line
     A               A7
Well this is not the USA
D            F
We do things our own way
   A       E    A
At Texas QLD 4385

Well Amy lives out on the Nebo road
She took a trip to Warwick to the rodeo
Well the boys up there could see she was hot
Buzzing like bees round the honey pot
They tried to crack her code
Tried to get her number
She took out a pen and she scratched down something about


And all the fella’s say hey-ya hey-ya 
And all the girls say hey-ya hey-ya 
Everybody says hey-ya hey-ya 
And said hey (hey) ho (ho)…

Chorus 2:
Texas QLD 4385
And it's home sweet home
Out on the border line
I'm not talking about the USA
It's just a little country town off the main highway
And it's Texas QLD 4385
Texas QLD 4385

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