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Lee Kernaghan, Shake On It Tabs

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Country Tabs > Kernaghan Lee Tabs > Shake On It

Artist/Band: Kernaghan Lee Tabs
Song: Shake On It Tab

Lee Kernaghan - Shake On It 

Capo 2
Intro (2x)

There'd be a blue out the back
And we'd all rush from the bar to take a look
Drover Pat and Billy Arnold had been drinking
In the heat all afternoon
They were rolling in the dirt
Fists were flying and things were getting rough
But when Billy started bleeding
  G                               C     G  G/A  G/B
The publican said fellas break it up

C        Em   F            G
Shake on it, just put it there
 C                    Em    F           G
That's the way it's always been 'round here
  C                Em         Am
You could trust a man when he held out his hand
     Dm   G              C
and said 'Let's shake on it

They were battered and bruised
When Pat and Billy picked themselves up
They looked each other over
And two grins appeared from beneath the sweat and dust
Billy picked up his hat
And clipped his old mate on the ear
And said we'll call it a draw Pat
But I reckon you owe me a beer


Now the years have rolled by
And they still disagree
But that old handshake's as firm
C             G
as it used to be

Chorus (one step higher) 2x
D        F#m   G            A
Shake on it, just put it there
 D                    F#m    G           A
That's the way it's always been 'round here
  D                F#m         Bm
You could trust a man when he held out his hand
     Em   A              D 
and said 'Let's shake on it

         strum           strum 

Chords           No capo     
C   - x32010     D    - xx0232
G   - 320033     A    - x02220
Em  - 022000     F#m  - 244222
F   - 133211     G    - 320033
G/A - x0003x     A/B  - x22220
G/B - x2003x     A/C# - x42220 
Am  - x02210     Bm   - x24432
Dm  - xx0231     Em   - 022000
Key change
D   - xx0232     E    - 022100
F#m - 244222     G#m  - 466544
G   - 320033     A    - x02220
A   - x02220     B    - x24442
Bm  - x24432     C#m  - x46654
Em  - 022000     F#m  - 244222 

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