Artist: Brian Kenneth | Song: Something's Wrong With The Jukebox

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Brian Kenneth, Something's Wrong With The Jukebox Tabs

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Country Tabs > Kenneth Brian Tabs > Something's Wrong With The Jukebox

Artist/Band: Kenneth Brian Tabs
Song: Something's Wrong With The Jukebox Tab

Well Friday night I hit the juke joint to unwind  
        A                                       E 
I had a week's worth troubles and drinkin on my mind  
    A                                   D 
And Jim Beam's whiskey cost $1.03 and I knew one coin was all I'd need  
          A                   E                A 
To get me rock and rollin and back on my feet again  
I cranked it up as loud as it would go  
Pushin numbers in for today's country gold  
What came out of them speakers sounded more to me like the Backstreet Boys had moved to Tennessee  
I leave the money on the table and walk out towards the door  
D                      A 
On my way out I got to thinkin  
           A                                   E 
We need to give this music back what it's been missing  
     A                                     D  
So I shined my boots and got my guitar and headed right back to that honky tonk bar  
Came through that swinging door and said listen to me  

Rosin up that fiddle, pass the mic to me  
            A                  E 
We're gonna honky tonk like 1953  
                A           D                     A 
So tune up that steel guitar we're gonna play all night  
A                                   E   
Something's Wrong with the Jukebox, we're gonna make it right       
Well I called my girl, I told her what was going down  
Said honey get some money, we're going into town  
Spent my whole damn paycheck on winged tip boots,?? Stetson and nudie suits  
Tonight I'm gonna make ol Hank and Patsy proud  
Well juke joint jumpin till to the the morning light  
And that cherokee fiddle had em feeling oh so right  
There was bootslapping up and down the hardwood floor everyone in the house was yellin more, more, more  
And you could hear that joint rockin for a country mile 

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