Artist: Robert Earl Keen | Song: Then Came Lo Mein

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Robert Earl Keen, Then Came Lo Mein Tabs

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Artist/Band: Keen Robert Earl Tabs
Song: Then Came Lo Mein Tab

Capo 2
           D                     G
There were lean times, they were tough
           D                    G
There were mean times they were rough
        D                              A
And the good times didn't outweigh the bad
      D             G   
I was sad, you were bitter
    D           G
But you were no quitter
     D           A           D
When nothin' was all that we had

We were drinkin' a lot
We were thinkin' of tyin' the know
Or maybe throw in the towel
Make up, have a kid
Break up and we did
But only just for awhile

Chorus 1:
G                     D
Then came lo mein and going insane
       D                    A
At the Chinese cafe way downtown
      G                            D           Bm 
I was steamed, I was fried but you stood by my side
       D      A            D
When I had my nervous breakdown

There were noodles galore
All over the floor
And hot mustard sauce everywhere
But I held your hand 
‘Til you calmed down again
And picked out the rice in your hair

After that we agreed
When in fact what we need
Is to pack up and take the first plane
Take a bus, take a bike
Take care, take a hike
Take out but leave the lo mein

Chorus 2:
I remember it now when we order kung pao
And bow our heads to say grace
The day we left town and that nervous breakdown
At the all-you-can-eat Chinese place

At the Chinese cafe way downtown

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