Artist: Robert Earl Keen | Song: The Raven And The Coyote

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Robert Earl Keen, The Raven And The Coyote Tabs

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Country Tabs > Keen Robert Earl Tabs > The Raven And The Coyote

Artist/Band: Keen Robert Earl Tabs
Song: The Raven And The Coyote Tab

The Raven And The Coyote

by Robert Earl Keen

[Am] I've been riding [F] all day long
[Am] Through the wall of [F] rain
[Am] In the shadow [F] of the mountains
[Am] On the barren [F] plains
[C] To my angel [G] in the village
[F] Where a lamplight glows
[C] If the dogs there [G] don't betray me
[F] No one will [Am] know

In the city of the soldier, in the time of war
There I met my Angelina, I was 24
We made arrangements soon thereafter
Wedding plans were drawn
Just beyond the sound of laughter
Cannons thundered on
When I enlisted in the Army, Angelina cried
I whispered to her, "Don't you worry
God is on our side."
On the battlegrounds before me
His plan was soon revealed
He guided me to fame and glory
On the battlefield

Oo [G] ooh the raven [Am] flies
[F] Oo [G] ooh the coyote [Am] cries

Juan Miguel Ramos Montoya led his rebels well
We fought them through the emerald valley
To the sacred hill
In the end we were defeated, I was left for dead
Juan Montoya took our city, Angelina fled

I took to hiding in the mountains, through the wintertime
In the spring I rode to safety across the borderline
I sent word to Angelina, soon I will return
With the full moon in the window, let your lamplight burn

From the bluff above her village
My hope has turned to fright
Only darkness in the windows
Not a single light
I cursed my God and shook my angry 
Fists at Him above
Twice forsaken, once in war
And now in love


I ran in rage toward the chapel
Stricken by my loss
I vowed to leave my lifeless body
Upon His Holy Cross
But at the altat of the chapel
A lonely candle shown
Across the face of Angelina
Kneeling all alone


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