Artist: Robert Earl Keen | Song: Go On Downtown

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Robert Earl Keen, Go On Downtown Tabs

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Artist/Band: Keen Robert Earl Tabs
Song: Go On Downtown Tab

Song: Go on Downtown

Artist: Robert Earl Keen

Album: The Live Album

--Transcribed by: James J. Koehn

(Capo 5th)

Intro: G5, F, C

G5                                             F                         C

Got clothes in my closet, new shoes to wear

C                                                                         G5

All that i've wanted, i've more than my share

G5                                                                 F

The woman who loves me, she's more than a dream

C                                                                         G5

so why am I feeling so low down and mean?

G5                                       F                 C

I gave up on smokin' two years ago


and I ain't been drinkin for a month now or so.

G5                                     F                 C

I tell everybody, I've nothin' to hide


while I keep the devil locked deep down inside.

C9                            G5                 D             G5

But tonight I'll be out there runnin' around.

C9                         G5

Tonight by the light of the moon on the ground.

C9                                 G5                       D

Tonight while the neighbors are sleepin' so sound.

C9                         G5                 D                     G5

Tonight I'll slip off and I'll go on downtown.

We used to get crazy and jump in our cars

and burn up the highways, and close down the bars.

Now we're all married, and some moved away.

And when we get together, there's nothin' to say.

The lights are all down, the moon's hangin' high

And the stars are all shinin' way up in the sky

If anyone's askin' where I'll be found,

it's home in the mornin', but tonight I'm downtown.

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