Artist: Robert Earl Keen | Song: Broken End Of Love

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Robert Earl Keen, Broken End Of Love Tabs

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Country Tabs > Keen Robert Earl Tabs > Broken End Of Love

Artist/Band: Keen Robert Earl Tabs
Song: Broken End Of Love Tab

D              A
Line of sight, speed of sound
G               A
Feel the flash a long way down
D              A               G A
Flashlight you look around it's over
D             A
You're OK but I'm a man
       G               A
That's just the way it goes I guess
  D              A             G  A
I think I thought we would last forever

G              A
What am I gonna do about this
    D           G
It ain't no metamorphosis
      G               A              D     A   G   A
It's a cold and bitter broken end of love

D                A
Discontent where loves afraid
  G                  A
Is something that I can't explain
D            A                 G A
I see now I should have seen it comin
     D                A
It's hits just like a hurricane
   G                 A
And then it turns to fire and rain
D             A               G  A
I kept doin it all in vain for nothing


 D              A
I wonder if you felt this way
     G                  A
From that first kiss to our last date
D           A             G   A
I was but a fool a-trustin pleasure
    D                    A
I'll keep your love where love won't die
   G              A
So said the spider to the fly
D               A             G   A
Dead love is the only love you treasure

Chorus & Solo

    D            A
I'm lucky just to be alive
  G                    A
It serves me right that I survived
  D                A               G    A
To live to tell the lesson that you taught me
    D                A
Just so you know for what it's worth
     G                A
There ain't enough of love on earth
  D          A                G     A
To take away all the shame you brought me

Chorus x 2

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