Artist: Robert Earl Keen | Song: Blow You Away

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Robert Earl Keen, Blow You Away Tabs

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Artist/Band: Keen Robert Earl Tabs
Song: Blow You Away Tab

Blow You Away
By Robert Earl Keen Jr.
Bigger Piece of Sky Ų Sugar Hill Records, 1993

Moderately fast

[A] You get off from [D] work a bit [E] early
[A] The boss doesn‚t [D] care if you [E] stay
[A] The guard with the [D] key has to [E] check your I.[A]D.
But he‚d [D] just as soon [E] blow you a[A]way

The cops have stopped 10 miles of traffic
They‚re sorry for all the delay
No need for alarm as they‚re waving their arms
But they‚d just as soon blow you away

Two pretty blondes in a Porshe
Their bumper says „We love LAš
They look pretty fair but they‚re crazy out there
And they‚d just as soon blow you away

You got in some trouble in high school
But you feel like a new man today
You keep to yourself because anyone else
Would just as soon blow you away

You‚re standing in from of the teller
She‚s counting out all of your pay
There‚s twenties and ones, there‚s guards with their guns
And they‚d just as soon blow you away

One old ex-con in station
Fixes flats at the back of the bay
He winks and he jokes, then borrows a smoke
But he‚d just as soon blow you away

You like the new girl at the hotel
She drops your room key in the tray
No words will pass through the bullet-proof glass
Cause they‚d just as soon blow you away

You climb up the stairs every evening
To your room right above the café
There ain‚t much mystique but you pay every week
őCause they‚d just as soon blow you away

And you turn out the light that you read by
You pray that you‚re one of the few
When you‚re in with the lord there‚s just one reward
And they‚d just as soon make it come true

The mattress is mildewed and lumpy
But you fall fast asleep where you lay
Under the lump there‚s a .20 gauge pump
őCause they‚d just as soon blow you away

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