Artist: Robert Earl Keen | Song: Beats The Devil

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Robert Earl Keen, Beats The Devil Tabs

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Artist/Band: Keen Robert Earl Tabs
Song: Beats The Devil Tab

(not palm mute but that think where you just put your hand
over the strings and strum but dont push anything down...)
C#m (same thing again) C#m 	  	  	  	 

C#m         A
I can't remember when
B                  F#
I was here but I'm back again
C#m      A
I barely know you friend 
    B              F#
and everything has changed

C#m                   A 
The sun burned up the sky turned green
    B               F#   
the air it smelt of gasoline 
    C#m             A
the soldier boy the teenage queen had
B      	      F#
sinse become astranged(?) 	 

A           C#m     A                        C#m B
Awwwww keep moving, like the wind across the sea-ea
A          C#m     A         B            C#m
Awwwww I'm moving, beats the devil out of me.

I was teathered to the plow
and came untied but dont know how
it's all behind me now 
like some exotic dream

I woke up in oil and mud
and sticks and stones and bones and blood
and everthing i knew (that) was good 
had vanished with the steam




Now i walk this earth to find 
some place to rest some peace of mind
I walk on until I'm blind, 
Until i'm old and grey

So my Friend good luck to you
I wish you well in all you do
here's hopin' that your dreams come true
and you never have to say


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