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Kevin Jones, Im Not To Blame Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jones Kevin Tabs
Song: Im Not To Blame Tab

     ******************************I'M NOT TO 

written and performed by Kevin Jones, from the album NOBODY'S FATHER, 
released by Taxim Records of Germany, September 00, catalogue # TX 3014-2 TA, 
submitted by Marcia Jones

Verse 1: 
                G           C                      G       Em        G        
Landlord's coming, he wants some money, banker's calling
                     D                          G          C                  
     G      Em
He knows my name, you all don't know me, when skies are sunny
              C           D                G     C G                
You only know me, when I'm in pain

                    G    C                     G     Em                 G    
C                  D
Lord take me from, this lonesome valley, Lord take me from, this burying 
                   G       C            G      Em                C     D      
        G      C G
And take me home, precious Jesus, I'm sure you know, I'm not to blame

Verse 2:
                     G   C                 G     Em        G          C       
Friends come over, smoke with Mary, start to bragging and call it fun
           G       C                 G      Em         C            D         
         G     C G
I wish I did not, have to tell stories, and sit contented with what I've done

Verse 3:
                 G       C                  G        Em           G        C  
I called my woman, one aching morning, I said my woman where have you gone
                   G          C          G     Em             C       D       
           G       C G
She said, oh come on, it ain't nothing, I was just looking for someone strong

Verse 4:
               G       C                 G        Em                 G   C    
I went out fishing, that aching morning, and Lord the river, it looked like 
             G   C                G       Em              C       D           
       G     C G
I stood upon, the bridge above it, just contemplating, my sweet release

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