Artist: Grandpa Jones | Song: Old Rattler

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Grandpa Jones, Old Rattler Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jones Grandpa Tabs
Song: Old Rattler Tab


Recorded by Grandpa Jones

[G] Old Rattler was a good old dog; As blind as he could [D] be
Ev'ry night 'bout supper time; I believe that dog could [G] see.

[G] Here! Rattler, Here! Here!; Here! Rattler! [D] Here!
Call old Rattler from the barn; Here! Rattler! [G] Here!

Old Rattler tree'd the other night; And I tho't he'd tree'd a 'coon
When I come to find out; He was barkin' at the moon./Refrain:

Well, grandma had a yeller hen; We set her as you know
We set her on three buzzard eggs; And hatched out one old crow./Refrain:
Grandpa had a muley cow; She was muley when she's born
It took a jaybird forty year; To fly from horn to horn./Refrain:

Now if I had a needle and thread; As fine as I could sew
I'd sew my sweetheart to my back; And down the road I'd go./Refrain:

Old Rattler was a smart old dog; Even tho' he was blind
He wouldn't hurt one single thing; Tho' he was very fine.
One night I saw a big fat 'coon; Climb up in a tree
I called old Rattler right away; To get 'im down fer me.

But Rattler wouldn't do it; Because he liked that 'coon
I saw them walkin' paw in paw; Later by the light of the moon./Refrain:

Now old Rattler's dead and gone; Like all good dogs do
You better not act a dog yourself; Or you'll be goin' there too./Refrain:

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