Artist: George Jones | Song: Things Have Gone To Pieces

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George Jones, Things Have Gone To Pieces Tabs

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Country Tabs > Jones George Tabs > Things Have Gone To Pieces

Artist/Band: Jones George Tabs
Song: Things Have Gone To Pieces Tab

Things Have Gone to Pieces
Recorded by: George Jones

[1] Oh the Faucet started [5-7] Drippin' in the [1] Kitchen
And last Night your Picture [5-7] Fell Down from the [1] Wall
To-[4]-day the Boss said Sorry, I can't [1] Use you Any-[6m]-more
And [1] Tonight the Light Bulb [5-7] Went Out in the [1] Hall

[5-7] Things Have Gone To Pieces since you [1] left Me
[4] Nothing Turns out [1] Half-right now it [5-7] Seems
There ain't [4] Nothing in my Pocket,
But Three [1] Nickels and a [4] Dime
But I'm [1] Holding to the [5-7] Pieces of my [1] Dream
Somebody Threw a Baseball through my Window
And the Arm fell off my Fav'rite Chair Again
The Man called me Today and Said he'd Haul my Things Away
If I didn't Get my Payments made by Ten


Note. Transcribed lyrics & chords by K5UYB & ZOOMER

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