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George Jones, Still Doing Time Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jones George Tabs
Song: Still Doing Time Tab

Still Doing Time
By George Jones
capo 1st fret

Has it been a year since the last time Iíve seen her
        G                                 D
My God I could swear it was ten

And the ocean of liquor I drank to forget her
              E7                            A
Is gonna kill me but Iíll drink till then
Iíve been living in hell with a bar for a cell
          D                                G
Still paying for my cheating crime
        D                             A7
And Iíve got a long way to go
                D      A7
Still doing time

Still doing time 

In a honky tonk prison
D7              G
Still doing time

Where a man forgiven
My poor heart is breaking
But thereís no escaping
            D                                A7
Each morning I wake up and I find
Still doing time
Oh when your caught cheating twice
Itís twenty to life in a place
Where the sun never shines
             D                                            A7
And tomorrow youíre gonna find me right here
                   D   A7
Still doing time

repeat chorus:

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