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JB and Moonshine Band, Chasing Rainbows Tabs

JB and Moonshine Band Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Country Tabs > JB and Moonshine Band Tabs > Chasing Rainbows

Artist/Band: JB and Moonshine Band Tabs
Song: Chasing Rainbows Tab

Capo 1

You could say I've always been a dreamer
           C                                              G
And that's how I'll always be, no matter if it's right or wrong
       F                                     Am
Chasin rainbows that I can't seem to catch a hold of
       F                             G
Living life like it was just another song

No the nightlife ain't no good life but it's my life
Often times the road to nowhere just leads right on back to me
Yeah and sometimes I'm so lonesome I could cry
But I guess that just the way it's gotta be

        F                                  C
So it's one more show right here in Tyler, Texas
      F                             C                G  
It's another gig in Houston and the next night San Antone
      F                           Am
Just another smoky barroom in Mt. Pleasant
      F                                  G
Where 85 seems like a million miles from home
             F              G                C   
Well I guess I'll be chasin rainbows til I'm gone

My mama thinks it's crazy how I'm livin
My woman she believes in me, just as long as I'm at home
But I can't help but feel like I should be here singing
I'd rather die than see the day they prove me wrong

Chorus 2:
So it's one more drunken redneck yellin "Freebird"
It's another trip to Austin for a measly hundred bones
Just another girl that felt compelled to flash us
One more drink and she'll be ready to take home
Well I guess I'll be chasin rainbows til I'm gone

            Am               G                  F 
When you're younger they all say "the sky's the limit"
                Am               G                 F
But when you're older, how their tunes all seem to change
       Am                G                    F
Try to tell you how they think you should be livin
      F                                      G 
But it won't do them no good, don't put this freebird in a cage

Chorus 3:
So it's one more little bar in College Station
It's another dirty hotel sending my love through the phone
Then it's just another stage in Gainesville, TX
37 city limit signs from home
Well I guess I'll be chasin rainbows til I'm gone

[Thanks to Duly for tabs]

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