Artist: Jason Isbell | Song: New South Wales

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Jason Isbell, New South Wales Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jason Isbell Tabs
Song: New South Wales Tab

Capo 2

            D               G               D
And here we sit, across the table from each other
           G                   D  
A thousand miles from both our mothers
       E7            A
Barely old enough to rust
        D               G                   D  
Here we sit, pretending both our hearts are anchors
       G                D
Taking candy from these strangers
           A              D
Amidst the diesel and the dust

Here we sit, singing words nobody taught us
Drinking fire and spitting sawdust
Trying to teach ourselves to breathe
We haven't yet, but every chorus brings us closer
Every flyer and every poster
Gives a piece of what we need

Chorus 1:
        G                                    D
And the sand that they call cocaine cost you twice as much as gold
         G                               A
You'd be better off to drink your coffee black
      D          D/C#     D/B      D/A    G                   D
But I swear, the land, it listened to the stories that we told
    D                A                   G    D 
God bless the busted boat that brings us back

Morning's rough, it don't give a damn about the mission
Has no aesthetic or tradition,
Only lessons never learned
And I'd had enough, about a month ago tomorrow
Parting holds no trace of sorrow
For the bitter and the burned

Chorus 2:
And the piss they call tequila even Waylon wouldn't drink
Well I'd rather sip this Listerine I packed
But I swear, we've never seen a better place to sit and think
God bless the busted ship that brings us back


Chorus 1 

God bless the busted ship that brings us back 

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