Artist: Jason Eady | Song: Wild Eyed Serenade

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Jason Eady, Wild Eyed Serenade Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jason Eady Tabs
Song: Wild Eyed Serenade Tab

Jason Eady - Wild Eyed Serenade

capo 2

I'm a fly by night stealer, a folk singing junkie
I get high when I can't find my way
I heard Colorado is good to my kind
Maybe I'll go there someday

Well my rhymes are getting tired and my allusions are worn
I'm a preacher with nothing to say
So talk to me Dylan, show me a sign
Before I get carried away

D                        E
Angels and highways and old mountain songs
    A                         D
The mandolin plays and the tremolo's long
A                                            D
Cloudy next mornings crawl under the night's parade
        A                    E         D    A
It's a hell of a ride, this wild eyed serenade

Heroes and villains, black and while ramblers
Sinners they're just trying to hide
Movers and shakers who talk too damn loud
When I just want to stop for the night

A - D - A

Melodies linger off in the distance
And mix with those words in my head
The phone is still ringing, why won't she answer
It must have been something I said


       A                        D
It's a hell of a ride, all the lows and the highs
      A          E       A
this wild eyed serenade 

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