Artist: Jason Eady | Song: Unsteady Ground

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Jason Eady, Unsteady Ground Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jason Eady Tabs
Song: Unsteady Ground Tab

Unsteady Ground
By Jason Eady
Written by Jason Eady

  A                              D
Tomorrow I might get up nice and early
    A                           D
And watch the sun come up for a change
A                          D
Make myself a fresh cup of coffee
A                                       E                 A
Pick up the morning paper and watch the world go frame by frame

I've been running around since I was twenty
And I woke up today at thirty five
With a ringing in my ears, it's been there for years
And it compliments these lines around my eyes

D                             A
I think I'll keep it nice and easy
     A                      D
This fast life's slowing me down
    D                      A
The wheels still roll on beneath me
        A          E        A
But I'm driving on unsteady ground

I've seen a lot of things that I'm not proud of
I've had a lot of good times on the side
I've made some friends
I see them now and then
Banged up and beat down from this long hard ride


So tonight I'm gonna lie down nice and early
And settle up for what might lay in store
I've made my own mind
Took my chances and my time
But now it's time to look for something more


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