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Jason Eady, Play Me Me A Song Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jason Eady Tabs
Song: Play Me Me A Song Tab

Play Me A Song 
By Jason Eady

Capo 3

       C                                F
I have drank with empty poets until the wells ran dry
     C                                 F
I've sung with silver tongues and I've watched them as they died
       C                                F
I have played a song for gypsies I have played for wounded pride
          C                              G              C    F
But every time that story ended I had to get on getting by

Words that come too easy sometimes tell the bigger truth
But overlapping memories make me question what I knew
But I will keep believing in this life that I choose
And I will find that happy ending when I win or when I lose

C         G               C 
Play me a song when it's over
F               C
Sing it low and strong
C         G               C
Play me a song when it's over 
  F          C         G       C         
A sound to remain when time is gone

Some things are for leaving and others are for real
Some are worth believing and some are left to feel
Carry on like water falling farther from the rain
Disappear like embers burning farther from the flame


A sound to remain when I am gone

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