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Jason Eady, Before I Was Dead Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jason Eady Tabs
Song: Before I Was Dead Tab

Before I Was Dead
By Jason Eady

Capo 2

A                      D             A
Five is the first one, fifteen's the worst
    A                           D            A
The years that I remember fly behind me in a blur
A                      D                A
Thirteen took forever, sixteen wouldn't end
A                                 E              A
Twenty nine's the perfect time to start all over again

A                                         D
Time is changing, rearranging my point of view
E                                          D              A  
All these years of something, well they're finally coming through
The curtains are rising thread by thread
   D                A                  E    D     A
My eyes see for the first time since before I was dead

I've lived a lot of lessons and I've learned from a few
And I've tried my best to separate the fiction from the truth
Held my breath and sank down to the bottom of the sea
I came back up to the surface for another look at me


F#m          D
I'm standing on the side
    B7                 A
The time has come to decide

I could follow like a footstep or walk out on the sand
Leave a little something or give up all I can
Separate my reasons from the things I need to do
The next day will be tomorrow whichever road I choose


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