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Alan Jackson, Whos Cheatin Who Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: Whos Cheatin Who Tab

Who's Cheatin' Who
By:  Alan Jackson / Janie Fricke Original Artist

              G                    C
(1st Verse)  Everywhere you look, you can write a book 
        G                          D
On the trouble with a woman and a man.
         G                  C 
But you cannot impose, you can't stick your nose 
      G                  D           G
Into somethin' that you don't understand.

           D                G                   C 
(Chorus)  Still ya wonder, who's cheatin' who, who's bein' true, 
     G                      D
And who don't even care anymore.
    C               G                      C
It makes ya wonder who's doin' right with someone tonight, 
 G            D           G
Who's car is parked next door.

               G                           C
(2nd Verse)  I thought I knew her well, I really couldn't tell, 
          G                        D
That she had another lover on her mind.
        G                      C              G        D         G
See it felt so right when she held me tight, how could I be so blind?

(Chorus)  "Guitar"

(Lead)  G  C  D,  G  C  G  D  G

                 G                     C
(3rd Verse)  My heart is on the line, each and every time, 
        G                             D
Of the stolen' in the shadows of the night.
             G                   C
Though it's wrong all along, it keeps goin' on, 
    G            D             G
As long as they keep it outa' sight.


(Lead)  G  C  G  D,  G  C  G  D  G


(Lead)  4 Rotations

(Chorus)  Fade.

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