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Alan Jackson, When Somebody Loves You Tabs

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Country Tabs > Jackson Alan Tabs > When Somebody Loves You

Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: When Somebody Loves You Tab

Album: When Somebody Loves You
song: When Somebody Loves You
writer: Alan Jackson 
performed by: Alan Jackson

transcribed by:

Key of C/D

Intro: |: C F  dm  G :|

           C             am   am
When your heart is all alone
       F               G    G
every second seems so long
                C                    am    am
When itęs just you, you canęt see through
      F                        G  G  GCG
Those olęclouds that rain so blue

             C(D)     F(G)     dm(em)G(A)
   But when somebody loves you
            C(D)        F(G)    dm(em)G(A)
   Thereęs nothing you canęt do
   When somebody loves you
   Itęs easy to get through
        F(G)               G7(A/)C(hm)G7(A/)
   When somebody loves you
              C F  dm  G   C F  dm  G
   The way I love you      D G  em  A

           C                   am   am
When itęs late, the sun hangs low
        F                G   G
By yourself, nowhere to go
        C                am   am
Sing a song, you dance alone
      F                           G   G  GCG
Play solitaire and stare at the phone

   [repeat chorus]

         am              F             F
So letęs put aside  our foolish pride
     am                    F    F
And let our hearts say hello
    am               F
We both agree weęre just no good
    dm          GCG  AhmA (shift to Key of D)
At beinęon our own

   [repeat chorus]  in D
                   D G  e  A (stop)
The way I love you,         The way I love you

Outro:  D

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