Artist: Alan Jackson | Song: To Do What I Do

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Alan Jackson, To Do What I Do Tabs

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Country Tabs > Jackson Alan Tabs > To Do What I Do

Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: To Do What I Do Tab

Performed By: Alan Jackson
As Perfored on the 2004 CMT Flameworthy Video Music Awards

Capo 2nd fret

Intro:  G C Em  D/F#  G  

Verse 1:

 G                     C    
I've been a waiter, a roofer, a clerk
     D                     G
I've shoveled manure, till my pride hurt

     G                          C                 
When your startin' out it's all part of the work

Em    D/F#   G 
To do what I do

Verse 2:
 G                     C
I've been evicted, for not makin' rent
       D                        G
I made my daddy wonder where my good sense went

        G                    C         
For the price of a dream, my years have been spent

Em    D/F#   G
To do what I do


So I stand here tonight 

With this six string guitar

       G                    C
To be something I've always been in my heart

C                      D
Just for the chance to play you my song

     G                      C
The thrill when I hear you singing along

         Am         C               D
Has been worth everything I've been through

To do what I do

Verse 3:

 G                    C
I've played for empty tables and chairs

For drunks that don't listen

Crowds that don't care

Been told countless times

Boy you ain't goin nowhere

Em    D/F#   G
To do what I do

Chorus 2:

     C                     D     
So I hope the critics and skeptics alike

 G                     C
All bought a ticket to this show tonight

 C                          D
They'll see first hand that I have survived

 G                    C
What doesn't kill you makes you more alive

        Am         C         D
and I'm one of the fortunate few
To do what I do

Verse 4:

 G                         C
There's so much joy, this music can bring
   D                           G
So I count my blessings when I step up to sing
              G                          C
Cause there's so many people that would give anything

Em    D/F#   G
To do what I do

            C    D               G
And I thank you, I can do what I do 

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