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Alan Jackson, Small Town Southern Man Tabs

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Country Tabs > Jackson Alan Tabs > Small Town Southern Man

Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: Small Town Southern Man Tab

1st Verse

(C)Born the middle (G)son of a farmer and a (D)small town Southern(G) man.

(C)Like his daddy's (G)daddy before him brought up (D)workin' on the (G)land.

(C)Fell in love with a (G)small town woman and they (D)married up and settled (G)down.

(C)Natural way of (G)life if you're lucky for a (D)small town Southern(G) man.

2nd Verse

(C)First there came (G)four pretty daughters for this (D)small town Southern (G) man.

(C)Then a few years (G)later came another, hes a (D)boy, he wasn't (G) planned.

(C)Seven people (G)livin' all together in a (D) house built with his own (G)hands.

(C)Little words with (G)love and understandin' from a (D)small town Southern (G) man.


And he (C)bowed his head to (G)Jesus and he (C)stood for Uncle (G) Sam.

And he (C)only loved one (G)woman. He was (D)always proud of what he had.

He said his (C)greatest contri(G)bution is the (C)ones you leave(G) behind.

(C)Raised on the (G)ways and gentle kindness of a (D)small town Southern(G)man.

3rd Verse

(C)Callous hands (G)told the story for this (D)small town Southern(G) man.

(C)He gave it all(G) to keep it all together (D)and keep his family on his(G) land.

(C)Like his daddy,(G) years wore out his body (D)made it hard just to walk and (G)stand.

(C)You can break the back, but you (G)can't break the spirit of a (D)small town Southern


(Repeat Chorus)

4th Verse

(C)Finally death (G)came A callin' for this(D) small town Southern (G)man.

(C)He said it's alright '(G)cause I see angels and they (D)got me by the (G)hand.

(C)Don't you cry, and (G)don't you worry. I'm (D)blessed, and I know I (G)am.

(C)'Cause God has a (G)place in Heaven for a (D)small town Southern (G)man.

(Repeat Chorus)


(C)Raised on the (G)ways and gentle kindness of a (D)small town Southern (G)man.

[Thanks to glogan for tabs]

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