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Alan Jackson, Sissy's Song Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: Sissy's Song Tab

F C Bb C F C Bb C

F Why did she have to go 
C So young I just don't know why 
Bb Things happen half the time 
C Without reason without rhyme
F  Lovely, sweet young woman
C Daughter, wife and mother
Bb Makes no sense to me
C I just have to believe

She F flew up to Heaven on the C wings of angels
By the Bb clouds and stars and passed where C no one sees
And she F walks with Jesus and her C loved ones waiting
And I Bb know she's smiling saying
C Don't worry 'bout F me

C Bb C  
F Loved ones she left behind
C Just trying to survive 
Bb And understand the why
C Feeling so lost inside
F Anger shot straight at God
C Then asking for His love
Bb Empty with disbelief 
C Just hoping that maybe


C Bb C  
F It's hard to say goodbye
C Her picture in my mind
Bb Will always be of times I'll cherish
C And I won't cry 'cause

C Don't worry 'bout F me
C Donít worry 'bout F me

[Thanks to Doug Newton for tabs]

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