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Alan Jackson, Redneck Games Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: Redneck Games Tab

Redneck Games--Alan Jackson with Jeff Foxworthy

Submitter: BuffettDreams

**Capo 2**

(a fanfare plays)

Main riff
  1 + 2 3  1 + 2 3  1 + 2  3
  d   u d  d   u    d   u  d  d

***the numbers along the top are beats.  the + sign is a rest.
d= downstroke u=upstroke

Main riff plays in the background repeatedly, in time with the 


(jeff foxworthy speaking)

Greetings, y'all
And welcome all you dang
Foreigners from other nations

Dear Lord, be with our guests
And prepare them for
The butt whooping they
Are about to receive

The Olympics in Georgia
God, you know we're
Going to screw that up

I guarantee you
When they let those doves go
At the opening ceremony
There are gonna be guys in
The parking lot with shotguns

And we will not have
A flame that big without
A pig on it, I guarantee

Some fat guy going
Dang good barbecue
Top them stairs up there
They ain't got no hand rail
Be careful

(riff comes to the front. Alan Jackson sings)

 Of all the games
That the rednecks play
G                      D 
 There's some crazy events
D                      A
 If you know about the redneck ways
G                       D
 Then it makes perfect sense

Main riff
Well, the Olympic rings will be
Five old tires nailed together

See, that's what I fear
They're gonna get the list of events
They're gonna have no idea
What half this stuff
Is supposed to be

Like for fencing
They'll be giving people
Bailing wire and sheet metal

They'll probably have to
Cancel water polo after the
First two or three horses drown

I'll tell you
Instead of discus throwing
They'll be flinging Ford hubcaps

 You can't blame em
For the way they are
G                          D
 But you can sit back and grin
 Cause they'll do something
That is so bizzare
G                  D
 You won't see it again

 If you could ever
Get inside their mind
 There's no telling
What you might find

 They just do things
In a different way

 All the games
That the rednecks play

Main riff to background

And you know, they haven't
Even thought about it
But the river they're
Doing the kayak racing on
Is the same river that
They filmed Deliverance at
That oughta add a whole degree
Of difficulty, shouldn't it

Cause if Ned Beatty couldn't
Make it down that thing
A Frenchman in a
Pair of bicycle pants
Ain't got a chance

 Be prepared to
Watch the wildest show
G                  D
 Make it rowdy and loud
 You may not see em
Bringing home the gold
G                           D
 But they'll sure make mama proud

 If you could ever
Get inside their mind
 There's no telling
What you might find

 They just do things
In a different way

 All the games
That the rednecks play

Boom, boom, boom
Hey, Ed, I got a white one

Note: typically the d run on the song verses is a complete d (downstroke upstroke downstroke). 
 listen to the song to get them all.

I hope you enjoy it !!


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