Artist: Alan Jackson | Song: Living On Love (Without Capo)

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Alan Jackson, Living On Love (Without Capo) Tabs

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Country Tabs > Jackson Alan Tabs > Living On Love (Without Capo)

Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: Living On Love (Without Capo) Tab

 Alan jackson:Living on love (with out the capo)


  E         A                E             
  Two young people without a thing
           A                     D
  Say some vows and spread their wings
  And settle down with just what they need
  Living on love

            A                   E
  She don't care 'bout whats in style 
           A                D
  She just likes the way he smiles
           A                    E
  It takes more than marble and tile
  Living on love

            E             A
  Living on love buyin on time
              D                         A
  Without somebody nothing aint worth a dime
              D                      A               E7
  Just like a old fashion story book rhyme living on love
            A                        E                   
  It sounds simple that's what youre thinking but love
      A                         D
  can walk through fire without blinking
                  A                 E                A
  It dosen't take much when you get enough living on love

2nd verse:

          A                E              A                   D
  Two old people without a thing children gone but still they sing
       A                           E               A
  Side by side in that front porch swing living on love

          A                   E                
  He cant see anymore she can barely sweep the floor
  E                                   A     A         E7
  Hand in hand they walk through that door, living on love 
    D               A                        A         E 
  No it dosent take much when you get enough living on love. 

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