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Alan Jackson, Laid Back 'n Low Key Tabs

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Country Tabs > Jackson Alan Tabs > Laid Back 'n Low Key

Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: Laid Back 'n Low Key Tab

  cd:good time

    written by : alan jackson

    arista records


 G (SRUM 1X)   C   D         
  Laid back 'n low key
  D                  G                
  You and me on that white powder beach
  G                     C                  D
  Side by side with the sand and the sea
  D            C   G
  Laid back 'n low key


 G (STRUM 1X)        C                 D 
  Gentle roar of the wave on the shore
  D                         G
  Makes its way through the crack beneath the door
  G                     C            D
  Wake up call from the ocean floor
  D          G
  Down in Abaco

       Repeat chorus:

       Break: C D G C D G

    verse 2:

  G (STRUM 1X)      C             D
  Tequila sunrise,a coconut vase
  D                       G           
  Hammock swinging in the palm tree shade
  G                         C              D                  
  The standard island beach resort cliche'
  D               G
  Hey but thats O.k.

      Repeat chorus:


  Wind blowing on the back of my neck
  Sun reflecting off that tan on your breast
  Found the feeling that we lost long ago
  D          G
  Down in Abaco

      Repeat chorus:2x 

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