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Alan Jackson, Jones And Haggard Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: Jones And Haggard Tab

Alan Jackson Ė Jones and Haggard
Capo 1


Daddy had a 1969 Ford
When I was just about 10 years old
         A                                  D
We would listen to Jones and Haggard on the radio
He sang She Still Thinks, I Still Care
To a girl he used to know
                      A                 D
Old Jones and Haggard raised my country soul.

I learned how to sing and to shuffle my shoes 
Listeniní to Hag sing The Workiní Man Blues
I never met olí Merle, but we were awful close
I cut my teeth on Swinginí Doors, and Mama Tried to Sing Me Home
                      A                 D
Olí Jones and Haggard raised my country soul.
D A D 

I maybe raged, but Iím right
I got 5 dollars and itís Saturday night
  A                                              D
O George sure put a lot of heart in the songs he sang
And everytime daddy got a little bit tight
Walk through this world make him cry
                      A                 D
Olí Jones and Haggard raised my country soul.

                    A                      D    A D
Olí Jones and Merle they raised my country soul.

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