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Alan Jackson, I Still Like Bologna Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: I Still Like Bologna Tab

Capo 2

Intro:  (A)  (E)  (A)

(A) There's satellite communications,
(E) Long distance internet relations,
(D)The world's a little (A)faster everyday (E).
(A) I know it's all well and good, and I
(E)don't embrace it like I should, but I
(D)wouldn't wanna go back(A)wards even if I could(E).


But I (D)still like bolo(A)gna on white (E)bread
Now and (A)then
And the (D)sound of a whippoor(A)will down a country road (E)
The (D)grass between my (A)toes
And that (F#m)sunset sinking (D)low
And a (D)good woman's (E)love to hold me (A)close.

(A)I like my 50-inch HD plasma
(E)Feels like they just reach out and grab ya
(D)Five hundred (A)channels at my (E)command
(A) I finally gave in and got a cell phone
(E)That I hardly ever seem to turn on
(D)I guess I never (A)had that much to say(E).


(A)I got a laptop that sits on a desk
(E)I don't use it much, except to check on 
(D) some old (A)car from yesterday (E)
(A) I kinda like that music thing you just
(E) download em and you can save about
(D) every song (A) that's ever been made (E)


(A) Well I guess what I've been trying to say
(E) This digital world's okay
(D) It makes life (A) better in a lot of ways (E)
(A) But it can't make the smell of spring or
(E) sunshine or lots of little things
(D) we take for (A)granted everyday (E)


Yeah, (D)bologna, a woman's (E)love
and a good cell (A)phone.

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