Artist: Alan Jackson | Song: Hurtin Comes Easy

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Alan Jackson, Hurtin Comes Easy Tabs

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Country Tabs > Jackson Alan Tabs > Hurtin Comes Easy

Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: Hurtin Comes Easy Tab

Album: High Mileage Written by: Alan Jackson

This is my first entry, an attempt to give back all  I've taken! Thanks to
all contributers! Any corrections are  welcome
 Capo 2nd fret ( In a moderate country half-time )

Intro: G D C G   x4

[G] I' ve spent a [D] lifetime [C] lookin' for love  [G]    D C G
[G] Just when I[D] find it, [C] it comes undone  [G]  D C
[Am] I've tried so hard to [D] make love  happen
[Am] Like some never [D] endin'  pattern
[Am] I end up on the  sad [C]side of the fun [D]


[G] Hurtin' comes [D] easy   C  G
[G] Hurtin' comes [D] easy   C  G
[G] Hurtin' comes [D] easy [C] for me  G

Solo: G D C G  x 2

[G] Well, I've seen [D] people that [C] got it  made [G]        D C G
[G] They've got someone [D] and love [C]looks  great [G]   D C
[Am] But me, I've been to [D] every  doctor
[Am] I've tried it wild and [D] tried it  proper
[Am] And I always end up [C] watchin' love  walk away [D] that's okay


Solo: Steel Guitar

[Am] I've gotten used to [D] getting  over
[Am] And hopefully as [D] I grow older
[Am] Love won't be so [C] difficult to see [D] but  now for me


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