Artist: Alan Jackson | Song: Here In The Real World

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Alan Jackson, Here In The Real World Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: Here In The Real World Tab

Words and Music by:  Alan Jackson and Mark Irwin
Sent by:  Joe Patrick

I am not real sure about these chords.  I have messed with this song for 
countless hours, and just happen to run across the closest sounding 
thing yet one night.  I thought I saw Alan play this with a capo one 
time so I tried it.

Capo 1st fret
Slow tune


                     G               A
Cowboys don't cry,
And heroes don't die.
                         G            A
And good always wins
Again and again.
                    G                   A
And love is a sweet dream
      A7                     D
That always comes true
                          G                  A
Oh, if life were like the movies,
      A7          D       G        D
I'd never be blue.

       D7             G
But here in the real world,
It's not that easy at all,
'Cause when hearts get broken,
It's real tears that fall.
      D7             G
And darlin', it's sad but true,
But the one thing I've learned from you,
                              Em                  G
Is how the boy don't always get the girl,
A7              G                  D        G     A     D    G   D
Here in the real world.

I gave you my love,
But that wasn't enough,
To hold your heart
When times got tough.
And tonight on that silver screen,
It'll end like it should,
Two lovers will make it through
Like I hoped we would.

Repeat Chorus

At the end of second chorus play     D-A7-D  to wrap it up.

"The closest thing to heaven, on earth, is to be loved by a woman"

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