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Alan Jackson, Designated Drinker Tabs

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Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: Designated Drinker Tab

Alan Jackson and George Strait

"Designated Drinker"

>From the CD by Alan Jackson: "Drive"

Transcribed By:  Brent Browning

Intro: G            Am              C              D                G

                   G                            Am

Here's my keys I want you to take em'

                           C                              D

I think I'm gonna need you to get back home

                       G                         Am

Hold on to my hat I don't wanna' to loose it

                C                                          D

I couldn't stand for somethin' else to be gone

Am                                    D               Am

I'm sure you know the reason I'm here crying


I think you'll understand why


 G                                   Am

Tonight I'm the designated drinker

         C                                                         D

I just lost the one that wrapped me round her finger

             G                           Am

I need to get to where I can't think of her

        C              D              C       G

So tonight I'm the designated drinker

Guitar solo:      G          Am       C            D            G

G                                  Am

I came here to get you to help me

            C                       D

I need a friend to see me through

              G                                    Am

I hated to call I knew you wouldn't mind at all

                C                                     D

I know you know I'd do the same for you

Am                                    D                           Am

I'm not the kind that likes to drown my sorrow


 I may hate myself tomorrow

Repeat Chorus

                     G                           Am

We need to get to where we cant think of her

      C        D                           C     G

So tonight we're the designated drinkers

      C        D                           C    G

Oh tonight we're the designated drinkers

G          Am        C          D           G

"We will not falter, we will not fail"
George Bush

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