Artist: Alan Jackson | Song: As Lovely As You

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Alan Jackson, As Lovely As You Tabs

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Country Tabs > Jackson Alan Tabs > As Lovely As You

Artist/Band: Jackson Alan Tabs
Song: As Lovely As You Tab

Capo 2

Intro: E-A
A                        D             A            
A big moon is risin' so bright in the sky 
                                        B             E
But it won't shine brighter   than the stars in your eyes 
     A     E          D             A 
It rises above me so bright and so blue 
    D            A          E        A  
And I won't see anyone as lovely as you 

 D   Cm   G        A
Take me   into the night 
 E                  Bm          E   
Pass these lonely dreams in my heart 
    D   E    Fm             Cm
I love you   More than I can show you 
 D               Em           A     E-A-E
More than I can know   in my heart 

Instrumental: (Same Chords Progression as the Verse)

    A                      D         A
So lay down beside me and hold me tonight 
                                   B        E
For your love has found me and it feels so right 
        A              E           D            A
These thoughts in my mind are so scattered and few 
    D               A       E        A
But I won't see anyone as lovely as you 

Repeat Chorus
E        A     E-A
  In my heart

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