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Country Tabs > Iris DeMent Tabs > Mama's Opry

Artist/Band: Iris DeMent Tabs
Song: Mama's Opry Tab

Key: Bb 	  	 (Capo 3rd fret and play in G)

G                                 C
She grew up plain and simple in a farming town.
    D                                                            G
Her daddy played the fiddle and used to do the calling when they had hoedowns.
             Em                                                    C
She says the neighbors would come and they'd move all my grandma's furniture 'round.
               D                                                        G
And there'd be twenty or more there on the old wooden floor dancin' to a country sound. 

G                                        C
The Carters and Jimmy Rodgers played her favourite songs.
       D                                                    G
And on Saturday nights there was a radio show and she would sing along.
         Em                                C
And I'll never forget her face when she revealed to me,
                         D                        G
That she'd dreamed about singing at The Grand Ol' Opry. 

G                                        C
Her eyes, oh, how they sparkled when she sang those songs.
              D                                                   G
While she was hanging the clothes on the line, I was a kid just a hummin' along.
             Em                                                   C
Well, I'd be playing in the grass, to her, what might've seemed, obliviously,
          D                                          G
But there ain't no doubt about it: she sure made her mark on me.

        G                                C
An' she played old gospel records on the phonograph.
    D                                                  G
She turned them up loud and we'd sing along, but those days have passed.
     Em                     C
Just now that I am older it occurs to me,
           D                         G
That I was singing in the grandest opry. 

 	             G                     C
 	 And we sang Sweet Rose of Sharon, Abide With Me,
 	        D                                G
 	 'Til I ride The Gospel Ship to Heaven's Jubilee.
               Em                               C
 	 And In That Great Triumphant Morning my soul will be free,
               D                                               G
 	 And My Burdens Will Be Lifted when my Saviour's face I see. 

 	             G                     C
 	 So I Don't Want to Get Adjusted to This World below,
 	        D                                G
 	 But I know He'll Pilot Me 'til it comes time to go.
               Em                               C
 	 Oh, nothing on this earth is half as dear to me,
                           D      G
 	 As the sound of my Mama's Opry



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