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The Infamous Stringdusters, Won't Be Coming Back Tabs

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Artist/Band: Infamous Stringdusters Tabs
Song: Won't Be Coming Back Tab

(Capo 3rd)

Intro (chords like verse)

I left my home and family - G D
To seek my fortune fair - D Am
I went north into a city - D G
But I didn?t find it there - C D

Met a million women - D Am
No two words to say - G C
If I had only met the one - D G
That I?d let have my name - C D

?? on a lonesome desert highway - G D
My best things planned up fair - D Am
I put my faith in a woman - D G
And I wound up in jail - C D

Love, she was a-holding - D Am
And I chose to take the blame - G C
I was in and she was gone - D G
Our love went just the same - C D

Solo (same as verse)

I?ve seen a lot of countries
And I moved from place to place
I don?t remember names
But I can?t forget your face

It?s not a place that I been to
That I could call my home
An? I can?t hope to settle down, down
Seems I?m meant to roam

All those years spent searching for something - Am G D
Goin? around with the band - D G C
All I ever wanted - D G Am
Was to see her again, yeah - C D

On a go for California
I slept out on the sand
I drove a coastal highway
I drive them all again
An? if you ain?t to find me
As we are out on the track
This maybe the last to seeing me
No, we won?t be coming back
No, she won?t be coming back

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