Artist: David Houston | Song: Almost Persuaded

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David Houston, Almost Persuaded Tabs

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Country Tabs > Houston David Tabs > Almost Persuaded

Artist/Band: Houston David Tabs
Song: Almost Persuaded Tab

Recorded by David Houston
Words and music by Billy Sherrill and Glenn Sutton

Last [G] night, all a-[G7] in a bar-[C] room
Met a [G] girl with a drink in her [D] hand
She had [G7] ruby red lips, [C] coal black hair
And [G] eyes that would [D] tempt any [G] man. ... [D]

Then she [G] came and sat [G7] down at my [C] table
And as she [G] placed her soft hand in [D] mine
I [G] found myself [G7] wanting to [C] kiss her
For temp-[G] tation was [D] flowing like [G] wine. [D7]

And I was [G] al-[G7] per-[C] suaded
To [G] strip myself of my [D7] pride
[G] Al-[G7] most per-[C] suaded
To [G] push my [D7] conscience a-[G] side. ... [E7]

Then we [A] danced and she [A7] whispered, "I [D] need you!
Take me a-[A] way from here and be my [E] man."
Then I [A] looked into her [A7] eyes and I [D] saw it
The re-[A] flection of [E7] my wedding [A] band. [E7]

And I was [A] al-[A7] most per-[D] suaded
to [A] let strange lips lead me [E] on
[A] al-[A7] most per-[D] suaded
But your [A] sweet love made me [E7] stop and go [D] home. [A]

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