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Honeybrowne, Tired Of This Town Tabs

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Artist/Band: Honeybrowne Tabs
Song: Tired Of This Town Tab

Tired Of This Town

Guitar tuned down 1/2 step:


Asus2  E                  D
Oh my Lord, what a beautiful day

Asus2        E                   D
The sun is shining yeah how it chased those clouds away

Asus2        E
Jump in my old blue car and I

Drive around to see how far

Asus2          E            D
The road will take me off today

                    Asus2  E                    D
I said hey, hey, hey (hey), I'm tired of this town.

                      Asus2 E                   D
But it's a beautiful (day) day, tired of this town.

Asus2        E            D
My how the cowboys ride away

Asus2          E                     D
The river's running high, yeah it chased their sins away

Asus2      E                   D
The afternoon I drive to the 'ol Gruene Hall
Asus2           E              D
Stare at the pictures of my heroes on the wall.


F#m             E             D
Stand of the outside looking in

F#m          E                 D
Chasing a dream I've had since I don't remember when

F#m     E                      D
Every turn I take's like a roadblock in the way

F#m                     E              D
She'll be running for cover Lord, but oh what a beautiful day 




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