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Hallie Holyoak, Hallie's Song Tabs

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Country Tabs > Holyoak Hallie Tabs > Hallie's Song

Artist/Band: Holyoak Hallie Tabs
Song: Hallie's Song Tab


            Dmaj Amaj      Bmin
I don't lie awake and cry

                       Emin  Dmaj    Amaj
About some stupid perfect guy

                   Dmaj                      Gmaj
But when I'm near sleep my thoughts get deep

               Bmin           Amaj     Dmaj
And his face creeps into my mind

Dmaj Amaj      Bmin
Other girls my age



                     Dmaj   Amaj Bmin 
I should've caught his glance

                      Emin   Dmaj Amaj 
He might've asked me to dance

                      Dmaj                         Gmaj
We'd forget everyone in that gymnasium

                        BminAmaj  Dmaj
It would have felt like romance

                   Dmaj     Amaj   Bmin 
Right now he'd be texting me

             Emin             Dmaj Amaj 
I'd be awake with a lit-up screen

  Dmaj                    Gmaj
Fingers fumbling on the keys

                         Bmin AmajDmaj
He'd break his curfew for me


             Gmaj          Dmaj
If I had caught his eye

   Amaj                          Dmaj
I would've made him smile

          Gmaj                   Dmaj                         Amaj
and I bet that he gets dimples when he's happy

       Gmaj           Dmaj
But I will never know

                   Amaj           Dmaj
because I never said hello

                 Gmaj         Amaj                      Dmaj
He didn't leave that place thinking of me

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