Artist: Hawkshaw Hawkins | Song: Two Little Boys

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Hawkshaw Hawkins, Two Little Boys Tabs

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Artist/Band: Hawkins Hawkshaw Tabs
Song: Two Little Boys Tab

Recorded by The Country Gentlemen
Words and music by D. Hawkins & H. Hawkins

[C] Two Little Boys - had two little toys
Each had a [C7] wooden [F] horse 
Gaily they played - each [C] summer day 
[D] Warriors both - of [G] course
[C] One little chap - had a mishap
And broke off his [C7] horse's [F] head 
Wept for his toy - then [C] cried with joy 
When [D] he heard his [G] brother [C] say:

"Do you think I could [F] leave you [C] cryin'
When there's room on my [C7] horse for [F] you 
Climb up here, Jack - you [C] stop your cryin' 
We'll [D] mend up your horse with [G] glue
When we [C] grow up - we'll [F] both be [C] soldiers
Our horses will [C7] not be [F] toys 
And maybe you will re-[C] member 
When [D] we were [G] Two Little [C] Boys."

Long years have passed - war came at last
Bravely they marched away
Cannons roared loud and in that wild crowd
Where wounded and dyin' - Joe lay
Then came a cry - a rider dashed by
Out from the ranks of Blue
Galloped away - to where Joe lay
Then he heard his brother say:

"Do you think I could leave you dyin'
When there's room on my horse for two
Climb up here, Joe - we'll soon be flyin'
To the ranks of the boys in Blue
Can't you see, Jack? I'm all a-tremble
It may be the flash and the noise
Or maybe because I remember
When we were Two Little Boys."

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