Artist: Andy Griggs | Song: Where's A Train

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Andy Griggs, Where's A Train Tabs

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Artist/Band: Griggs Andy Tabs
Song: Where's A Train Tab

Where's a Train

INTRO (4x): C  Bb  F

               C      Bb                     F
I've tried the bottle, but it only brings me further down
              C              Bb            F
And since you left, oh there ain't a soul around
            C                  Bb          F
I've got to get out if I could only just find a way
           C                  Bb        F
I need somethin' that's gonna carry me away

        Am        G              F
Tell me where's a train when you need one
Am                 G         F
Lord knows I could sure use a ride
       C          Bb  F
Tell me where's a train when you need one
C                         Bb      F          C
'Cause I've never been as lonesome as I am tonight

INTRO (2x)

There's a set of rails that cuts a path to eternity
And I know, yeah I know there's a boxcar waitin' there for me
Ooh now maybe baby, maybe that's the place I can get you off my mind
I need that lonesome whistle to blow 'til the end of time


INTRO (4x)

Oh tell me where's a train when I need one
God knows I could sure use a ride
Tell me where's a train when you need one
'Cause I've never been as low, I don't think I've been as low as I am tonight

INTRO (out) 

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