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Andy Griggs, Practice Life Tabs

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Country Tabs > Griggs Andy Tabs > Practice Life

Artist/Band: Griggs Andy Tabs
Song: Practice Life Tab

Intro: C     F 
       C     F      
        (oh yeah)
C                           F C                              F
She said she didn't love him, and maybe she never really did
C                                 F C
She could move back to her momma's, and they could split time with the kids
F                      G
She just noticed, her first touch of grey
     F                       G
She don't want to wait, not one more day

               C           G F
This ain't no practice life
         C          G F
We only get one shot
                    C         G F
And our love ain't throw aw---ay
      G            F
It's all we've go---t
    Am                   G
And nobody goes around twice
                      C             F
'Cause this ain't no practice life

C                                   F C                            F
There's sixty hours on his time card, and it's only Thursday night
C                                  F C
His kids are growin' up without him, and he's about to lose his wife
      F                              G
So he puts down the papers, and he picks up the phone
            F                   G
And says, "Son tell your momma, I'm a'comin' home"


Instrumental: F  G  F  G

Am                 G
So much to do with so little time
      F                          G
That clock on the wall is gonna rob us all blind

CHORUS (twice)

               C             F
This ain't no practice life
                  C            F
Hey it ain't no practice life

Outro: C   F

Am  =   x02210
C   =   x32010
F   =   133211(bar chord) or xx3211
G   =   320003   

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