Artist: Adam Gregory | Song: Sweet Memories

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Adam Gregory, Sweet Memories Tabs

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Artist/Band: Gregory Adam Tabs
Song: Sweet Memories Tab

Capo 3 
          G         G/F# 
There's a town by a river  
      Em             D                C     C/B      Am     D 
And a dirt road that runs through the town, winding around 
         G             G/F# 
And As a child I would daydream 
      Em              D            C            C/B         Am    G 
Where that road might take me when my time for leaving came down 
         G          G/F#         Em          C 
And each night I'd awaken from a dream I was taking 
         G         D           G 
That old dirt road out of this town 


C     D        B    Em 
Sweet memories keep haunting me 
C          G           Am       D 
Calling me like an old friend 
    G           G/F# 
And I pray that someday 
Em             C 
I'll ride this halfway  
        G             D          G 
'Til it turns to that dirt road again


      G       G/F# 
Now I live in city  
     Em      D            C        C/B           Am     D   
With manmade mountains of steel to block out the sky 
         G        G/F# 
And that river of traffic 
     Em         D      C     C/B          Am   D  
That runs by my window never seems to run dry 
      G            G/F#       Em          C 
And tonight before sleeping I pray God is keeping 
     G              D        G   
That old place that I left behind 
       C      D 
In the city tonight  
       B            Em 
When I turn out the light 
        G               D          G  
I'll be riding that old dirt road again

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