Artist: Lee Greenwood | Song: Love In Time

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Lee Greenwood, Love In Time Tabs

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Artist/Band: Greenwood Lee Tabs
Song: Love In Time Tab

Lee Greenwood
8:54 PM 7/6/2008

Intro: (D) (D) (D) (D)

(D) When I look back on where i've been
It's a wonder I survived (C)
(D) Those reckless nights
Not long ago
Trying to keep my dreams a(C)live
(G) There was no tomorrow yesterday
Getting nowhere (F) fast

(Bbmaj7) (C/Bb) (Bbmaj7) 
Burning my (C/Bb) brid(Bbmaj7)ges (Am7) (G/A)
And buliding de(G/A)fenc(Am7)es
Ar(Cm)ound my heart (D7)
I was al(Gm)one in the (Bb/C)dark but

 (C) I found (F) love in time (Bbmaj7)
 You reached my heart
 And (C) changed my (Dm) mind (A/C#)
 Just before I (Bbmaj7) crossed the line (Bb/C) (C)
 I found (F) love in time (Bbmaj7)
 Even though I'd (C) given (Dm) up
 (Am7) You came to me
 And (Gm7) gently touched my (Am7) life
 You took my song and (Bbma7) made it rhyme
 Oh (C) I found love in (F) time

Driving down a texas highway
As the sun rose in my eyes
I didn't see the need for anyone
Now it's clear that i was blind
And i know how much i hurt myself
But i felt no pain

I needed someone
But i just kept running
So far away
It was almost too late, but

Repeat chorus

(Bbmaj7) Now that you are (F) here with me
I (Dsus) can't bel(D)ieve that I (Gm) ever (C) fought it
(Bbmaj7) You make it so (F) easy to be with (Am7) you (Bm)
You (C) broke through, oh (C/D)

Repeat chorus

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