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The Greencards, Weather And Water Tabs

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Artist/Band: Greencards Tabs
Song: Weather And Water Tab

Weather & Water
By The Greencards

Capo 1

     Em                                         C
Well we set off for Stephenshelf sailin' out to sea
   C                  G                           D 
My brand new wife, my lover blowin' kisses out to me
  Em                                             C
I couldn't make no livin' on the mainland layin' tile
     C                  G                     D      B7
So I thought I'd try my hand at fishin' for a while

Well we were pullin' full nets the yield it sure was high
Those silver skins were shinin', made everybody smile
My heart was growin' heavy the first time out to sea
She didn't move like the mainland, bought me to my knees, to my knees

        G   C           D               Em
Now I'm out here in the weather and the water
G   C   D            Em
Callin' mercy to the sea
         Em                                    C
Well I'd rather be a poor boy with a beautiful wife
     C               G                       D           B7 
Than out here in the weather and the water tonight, I'll surely die tonight

Well I hear 'em tell my story, I hear 'em late at night
Old fishermen and deckhands unpitied by the light
I'm stuck out on the ocean, I'm tied down to the sea
The Weather and the water, it's just the two and me, two and me



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